Welcome! You are on the front steps of my blog. I come here once in a while to relax, reflect on the day’s events and put my thoughts down on paper (this blog).  Most of the time it’s after a long day at work and I’m all spent. Sometimes I fall asleep even before I  finished writing the first line. If money wasn’t an issue I’d dedicate more time to this blog, unfortunately, that’s a long shot from reality, and in all likelihood will not happen unless my luck changed for the better with my lotto picks.

I’ve written a few stuff on here but sadly to say not on a consistent basis. You can look around and leave your thoughts to share with others. It’s easy to navigate your way around after you’ve done it once. Click on an article heading to see the details of that story. To navigate through the pages, you need to click on the menu to your right. The articles, stories, pages or whatever term you’re familiar with are organized into categories that you see on the menu to the left. For other shortcuts, you can click on the “Recent Posts” link to the left, or clicking on a “tag” will take you right to the relevant story. Your comments are welcomed. Everything that I write on my blog is not affiliated with any outside influences but my very own perspectives on things. I look forward to finding time to engage with some of our COFA citizens near me or around the country as available. It would definitely be a pleasure to read your comments. Read more about the history of this blog HERE

I’ll start with the distinct idiosyncrasies or a piece of your culture that defines your island. 

I’m looking for fellow islanders who might be interested in having their story be told in the form of short a video clip or podcast style audio clip. If you want to know more just send me an email or use the contact form.