Freedom Tee

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Calling on all of God’s children to join me in this — “together we stand united” campaign to recognize and commemorate our 34th anniversary under the Freedom of Free Association with the United States.

We stand together in solidarity along with our other island nation partners to recognize the significance of this milestone in all of its glory and the role it has played into our lives. Regardless of whether your feelings about Free Association are positive or negative we will set that aside and focus on the implication this has on our future generations. For now, though, we simply want to say thank you to the United States of America for the protection of our rights, our welfare, and most of all, the preservation of our people.

Because as Islanders we CARE

2023 is just around the corner and I simply want to start the conversation because we don’t need surprises. Get your t-shirt here and wear it proudly to bring awareness and join the conversation. Proceeds will go to support a drive to raise $$$$ for the purchase of video equipment necessary to bring you the real stories of ex-pats all across this great nation.

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