Solar Eclipse, Stargazers’ delight or All Hype

I’m having expresso here at a local coffee hangout and there is this loud TV behind me blaring away with the local news and the main story being the potential mayhem that might be brought on by this astronomical phenomenon. The reporter is saying that folks are coming from all across the country and around the globe to witness this full solar eclipse spectacle. Salem, Oregon is evidently the epicenter where the moon will first appear, then it will gradually make its way eastward on a pre-defined path. You can download an eclipse map on NASA’s website. The reporter indicated that many local farmers are not planting their usual crops (near Salem) in hopes of capitalizing on some quick get rich deals brought on by the celestial event as their farmland will be turned into solar watching amphitheaters for one day in August. All hotels and motels around the area are apparently all booked solid including all campgrounds off the coast to central Oregon. They report that people are coming from all over the world. Boy, now that’s real news. What fun, just for two to three whole minutes of your life.

So the talk around my neck of the woods is all about getting ready for the big event. I wasn’t surprised to find out that people think this is an epic event for 2017. There are even websites set up with eclipse domain related names ( and sure enough, some are quite informative with lots of good information for the die-hard followers.

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