Saint Johns Bridge

St. Johns Bridge – Portland, OR

This is my favorite bridge in the whole state. It’s so tall and majestic measuring an impressive 400 feet high and about 1200 feet long according to Wikipedia. A really nice park, Cathedral Park is right underneath the bridge on the east bank of Willamette river with boat landing, picnic areas, and an open area to exercise your dog, etc. Here’s more on some very interesting reading: 

Anyhow, I drove up there to explore the area and hopefully find a good spot to take some pictures of the majestic bridge. Checked both sides and didn’t really find the perfect spot. I ended up taking these few shots from the west side along the highway (30) with not the best vantage point. The only way to get the perfect shot from this angle would be by drone and I wish I had access to one.

Check out the photos here

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