Portland Rose Festival

The Portland Rose Festival is one of the main attractions around this part around summertime. People across the state flocked to the Rose City to indulge in some great food, thrilling rides, fine arts, and good music.  I drove up to Portland to check out the scene at the festive waterfront park but once we got there and saw how crowded and busy it was we came up with plan B. We decided instead of looking for parking for hours than walking five miles from parking, we’d be better off getting over to the east side of the river and have the whole place to ourselves.

The weather was pretty fair at around 63 degrees with light wind and no rain! Was hoping to get good lighting from the ships but unfortunately, there wasn’t very much light emitted from any of the ships. For some reason, I was expecting to see the ships with huge bright lights all over them lighting up the whole port. It wasn’t the case but it was okay, I was able to capture some good shots with my canon 70-200mm f/2.8 lens. Check them out: https://go2ephotos.com/portland-eastbank-esplanade/

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