My New Tamron 24-70mm f2.8

Bought a new Tamron 24-70mm f2.8 and was so excited and so looked forward to playing with it but then disappointment struck. The package arrived in the evening so I didn’t have time to test it out until the next day. The first thing I did the next morning was mounting the Tamron on my 5dm3 for a test run. As it turned out the lens was having hiccups and did not want to cooperate at all. It had this error code: “err 01” in the viewfinder – further investigation revealed the underlying meaning,  “communication between lens and camera was faulty”. Repeated testing did not yield anything positive or different so after reading (manual and online) troubleshooting stuff I decided to contact the seller for advice. This is the second time that I’ve dealt with a Canadian gentleman and having very pleasant experience with both men. The salesman suggested I try cleaning the “contact points” on the lens. I did this cleaning bit several times to no avail. So the bottom line was this Tamron was going back to where it came from.

The very next day I decided to take the normal route we all go through with a bad purchase. I contacted the seller and they were very nice about it and said that they would accept a return and replace it with a similar one. They even sent the returned label for free shipping which was nice. Being that it is the weekend this lens will sit and wait until Monday to be shipped, UPS. At this point, I just hope that the replacement lens does not give me any more trouble as this one has. Cross the fingers and wait, only time will tell.

It’s been over two weeks since above writing and my return package still hasn’t gotten back to the seller. I did some investigation and contacted UPS Canada and they were able to track it down and informed me that they would try their best to deliver the package back to the seller by Monday. Armed with this new info. I contacted the seller and he was kind enough to state that he would go ahead and ship out the replacement lens on Monday. Today is Saturday and I’m getting anxious and can’t stand the wait.

Today is Monday and I just received words from the seller that he had just shipped out the replacement lens via UPS. What a guy. So I’m assuming that the return package has arrived at his store. I’m not as excited as the first time about this lens until I mount it on my camera and give it a good workout. Just hope that there’s a positive ending to this story. Read the follow-up

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