Swapped my EOS 6D for the 5D Mark iii

My new mean lean 5d mark3 machine

Okay, so this is my first upgrade to my photo gear. Is it worth it? Only time will tell as I’m battling my way through the learning curves at present trying to figure out 5d mark iii. I got rid of my 6d soon after I wrote the last entry. I don’t really think it was all that necessary since both cameras are close in features such as they both are full-framed, etc. but I read so many positive things about the 5d such as having a much superior focusing system and good in low light shooting, etc. Those two reasons alone warranted the purchase. For picture quality, I find that they are pretty close with the 5d edging the 6d just slightly overall. The downside to having a new camera is the learning curve. I got pretty nifty with the 6d and felt a great degree of confidence facing most common shooting situations. I don’t have that confidence in my new 5d yet as the learning curve is much steeper. I’m hoping to master the common functionalities by this summer. That will mark a year since I went on that one-day shooting excursion. So at this point, my next big goal is some fine glass to go with my 5d. I’ve been looking at the 24-70mm focal range and that first stop was at Canon’s website. Decided canon’s 24-70mm was too expensive so I looked at other brands and narrowed down my search to these two: Sigma and Tamron versions of the same lens with the same focal range. I will finalize my choice after I have had a chance to read up on the ‘reviews’ on each. Oh, and the photo to the left was taken with my 60d.

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