Marae & Friends Annual Golf Shootout

The long-awaited Marae and Friends Annual Golf Shootout took place on 9/9/17 at Oak Knoll Golf Course in Independence, OR. The prize money was a trophy, plus 10% of the pot, and bragging rights. The trophy will be a perpetual one that will be passed around between champions from one year to the next. This year’s champion just happened to be yours and truly and I feel awkward writing about it. I had planned to write about the tournament regardless of the winner. The purpose behind writing a story was simply to commemorate this event and celebrate a sense of unity within our small Marae community. I will post tournament results here upon acquisition of that information.

Many thanks to all participants especially the friends of Marae who took the time to help with our fundraising efforts. Thanks to Dee and the board members for the delicious kalua-pig dinner. Keep it in the fairway until the next time.


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