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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all! I have a good feeling about 2020 that it’s going to be a fantastic year for everyone’s personal growth in all that you have been dreaming about or working on earnestly. All of that hard work will begin to take shape this year. All that is needed is your continued […]

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Test reCaptcha v3

As I’m working on this form I’m startled by the loud sound of fireworks blasting all around my neighborhood as they ring in the new year. I will take a pause and wish you all out there Happy New Year and may you have an amazing start to your successful future. There’s nothing on this […]

Nan Madol Tee

Somewhat famous to some, Nan Madol design comes in three color options: black, navy blue, and white. There’s already much written about Nan Madol so I won’t get into that. You can google the name and you should be able to harness a good result. Go to the STORE

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iPhone Cases

I made this iPhone case for my phone and a friend saw it and wanted one.  I made him one and he likes it, and now you can have one too if you have lived the island lifestyle or you only have the islands at heart, any island, even if you only dreamt of it. […]

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Facebook Friends

I’m a lazy user when it comes to typing a short message more than once, and when it’s more than say, five or more, I do it in the mass (yes, I’m guilty). Thanks to mailing list, SMS, and now Facebook-we can accomplish such tedious task in a flash. Now to the point: I simply […]

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House Resolution 21 by Sherrie Springer

It is never too late to thank this lady, including her colleagues, and all the hard-working individuals who helped make it a reality for cofa citizens to live life a little easier with the passage of HB 21. Generally speaking, it allows cofa citizens access to the health care system under medicare.

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Facebook Comments

Comments entered here will appear on this page as well as copied over to Facebook. You can ask questions or comments on articles in the blog section or just anything in general, using this form. You must be a Facebook user to be able to use it.

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Fantasy Basketball Standing

I came across pages and pages of Fantasy Basketball online. There are leagues that wager real American “dollars” and there are those that simply play for the fun of it. The later is where I found this league posting. It looks like fun but seems very busy as you must do your due diligence on […]

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  Our Sponsor for the month. Give Brenton a call for all your insurance needs and compare the difference. For me, I now pay 50% less than the previous coverage that I had for 30+ years. Check him out you just might get the surprise of your life. What do you get to lose?

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Free Association – Where do we Stand?

Politics is not exactly my cup of tea but I feel compelled to share my two cents on the subject. For many years I’ve watched the country swing from one extreme to the other and back and forth we go with this tug of war. This vicious cycle repeats itself every four to eight years […]

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