01-02-2018 – Wils Blog is a personal blog.  Although founded in…

My New Tamron 24-70mm f2.8

Bought a new Tamron 24-70mm f2.8 and was so excited…

Portland Rose Festival

The Portland Rose Festival is one of the main attractions…

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Welcome to my blog. You are at the front door to my blog. I leave it unlocked. You are welcome to walk in here anytime, day, or night without disturbing anybody, even when I’m in the next room taking a power nap. When you get here, and you don’t see any sign of the blog, it’s because you are not quite there yet, or it might be down for maintenance. You must click on the “Blog” link up there on the menu above to get there, but if it’s on maintenance it’s usually done in the wee hours and lasts 15 minutes at the most. Once you click on that button you are presented with a page full of articles. Click on an article heading to see the details to that story. To navigate through the pages, you need to click on the menu to your left. The articles, stories, pages or whatever term you’re familiar with are organized into categories that you see on the menu to the left. For other shortcuts, you can click on the “Recent Posts” link to the left, or clicking on a”tag” will take you right to the relevant story — to the “tag term”. Your comments are welcomed. Everything that I write on my blog is not affiliated with anyone or anything else but my very own perspective on things. I will bring you my personal experience as an outsider looking in into the American culture. It will be a pleasure to read your comments. 2018 is a good year and the outlook is very promising and you will have a better 2018 too. Read more about the history of this blog here.


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